Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Geneva and Neuchâtel Collections

Documentary heritage submitted by Switzerland and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011.

© Bibliothèque de Genève, Société Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, by Robert Gardelle (1754)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau is one of the greatest European philosophers and greatest writers of all time. His unique influence manifests itself in areas such as political and philosophical thought, the relationship of man and nature, children's education. A major figure of the Enlightenment, he opens up new and important perspectives which play a significant role in the political and social upheavals of the eighteenth century up to the present. These unique collections are testimony essential to a better understanding of the life and work of Rousseau, and form a documentary heritage of a historical period - the eighteenth century - and one of its major players.

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