Ostromir Gospel (1056–1057)

Documentary heritage submitted by Russian Federation and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011.

© National Library of Russia Administration
Ostromir Gospel 1056-57 (РНБ, F.п.I.5), F. 87verso. St. Luke Evangelist. Polychromatic miniature painting. Vellum, ink, cinnabar, colors, gold.

The Ostromir Gospel (1056-1057 is the world's earliest dated East Slavonic manuscript book to date. It is written in Old Russian using Cyrillic alphabet. The singular role of the Ostromir Gospel in introducing Christianity to previously isolated and pagan East Slavonic tribes, and in distributing Slavonic literature across the vast expanses, is beyond doubt. The Ostromir Gospel represents the cradle of Russian literature and culture; and modern research in this documentary heritage has made a decisive contribution to the emergence and further development of international Old Slavonic studies.

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