Presidential Papers of Manuel L. Quezon

Documentary heritage submitted by Philippines and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2011.

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The Manuel L. Quezon Papers

Manuel Quezon was a forceful personality who dominated the political scene and towered over his contemporaries and colleagues. His active involvement in the destiny of his country was felt both in the Philippines and the United States. Much of the current relations between the Philippines and the United States can best be understood by studying how the United States pursued policy for the Philippines, especially in the matter of political independence and economic development. The Quezon papers document the events and politics involved in the long history of the Philippine independence movement conducted both in the Philippines and in the United States, and consequently constitute a major source of information not only for the history of the Philippines, but also in the context of its history within and of the region (Southeast East Asia/East Asia), as well as of the United States, and of European countries (Britain, France, the Netherlands) during the period of colonial rule in the region.

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