Royal Seal and Investiture Book Collection of the Joseon Dynasty

Documentary heritage submitted by the Republic of Korea and recommended for inclusion in the Memory of the World Register in 2017.


© National Palace Museum ,Royal Seals

This is a collection of royal seals and investiture books created for the royal sovereigns of Joseon. The seals and books were bestowed to the kings and queens, commemorating their important lifetime occasions and ceremonies such as investitures and inauguration of official titles. The different names and titles invested to the king and queen were engraved into the seals, starting from the commencement as crown heir and even after the deaths of the bearer, composing an archive for both the individual and for the royal lineage as a whole. The investiture books and royal edicts are accompaniments to the seals providing description and justification of the names and ceremonial occasions. The seals and books were produced from the beginning of Joseon until the very end, coming down to the modern era for approximately 570 years.

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