Malaysia has initiated many projects which set the stage for open data environment for the growing country. The academic sector has lead the boom of IT applications for the education growth, as it is evident from the open access journals and number of institutional repositories. There are around 52 open access journals listed in DOAJ. MyLibrary is a pilot project of the proposed larger National Digital Library Initiative av mylib functioning as a national portal to promote knowledge for the society. Malaysian government has been proactive to promote open source initiatives and programmes under the umbrella project MSC Malaysia National ICT Initiative to develop local talent and technical workforce in computer programming projects in social networks, applications, creative content development and for business avenues. Malaysia has now more than 37 institutes of higher learning and reports 14 repositories in ROAR

Enabling Environment

Malaysia is pursuing technology based development strategy being one the new developing industrial economies in Asia. Among the R&D sector there is an awareness to make valued research outputs openly available to enhance their availability and visibility to the global academic communities. The Open Access movement in Malaysia had a direct impact on the development of the institutional repository services and in collaboration between scholars (Abrizah, 2009), reports that nearly 54% of researchers (surveyed) had deposited articles into OA repositories.

Potential Barriers

Although public and academic sector has seen growth in infrastructure and services, the technical know-how and personnel need to be strengthened. Developing technologies and software for localizing information resources in Malay/Arabic language seems to be the pressing need. Government has to set the policies which would promote open content development, pilot testing and interoperable for furthering the knowledge

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