With a progressive Internet penetration across Singapore, internet accessibility has been much easier for this developing country. As open source movement is making inroads into the governance and administration of Singapore, its impact for the growth and promotion of open access is corollary. Open access is slowly gaining momentum in Singapore, as National Library Board and academic universities are showing keen interest to have openly accessible resources. CreativeCommons Singapore is striving hard to bring more licensed content in Singapore through its concerted efforts. In fact, Singapore is a country having several universities that are sought after by a huge number of students all over the asia, especially India, Srilanka, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. The good reason being the amount and quality of research work being carried out in these universities. With the invasion of the wonderful concept of 'Open Access' for the Scholars and Researchers and the extent of benefits that Open Access carries, Singapore has quite a long time ago embraced it and has quite good contribution to the World of OA in the form of Institutional Repositories in some of the well known Institutions in Singapore like the "Institutional Knowledge" at Singapore Management University, "Scholar Bank" at National University of Singapore, "Digital Repository (DR-NTU)" at Nanyang Technological University, etc.

Enabling Environment

The proactive policy of 'National Library Board' has enabled variety of resources openly accessible through various initiatives undertaken and its promotion & advocacy programmes are aimed to sustain these intiatives for international outreach

Potential Barriers

Open source adoption is relatively slow as reliability of open source applications is a cause of concern. More collaboration is required for making national initiatives in open access. The cyber infrastructure needs to be strengthened, and the funding policies should be made mandatory such that all the public funded research is freely available.

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