Vietnam has shown efforts to facilitate open access resources with initiatives in S&T, education, and R&D sectors. Vietnam Book Initiative is a project started by Vietnam Education Foundation Fellows Association (VEFFA) to build a network of open-access science and engineering libraries in Vietnam in collaboration with local universities. The higher education system in Vietnam comprises of 322 universities and colleges of which 47 were private in the 2006-2007 academic year. Vietnam Journal Online is an initiative that allows readers to access scientific knowledge published in Vietnam with 45 journals of open access and is maintained by Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam. National Centre for Scientific and Technological Information, Vietnam (NACESTI) has been working towards a national network of S&T information service organizations. NACESTI has the mandate to carry out S&T information activities, disseminate and promote S&T and R&D projects.  On January 20, 2010, the Vietnam Foundation and the Online Management Training Company signed an Agreement for Cooperation to promote the use and development of Open Educational Resources (OER) at the enterprise level and national level. National Agency for Science and Technology Information (NASATI) has VINAREN (Vietnam Research & Education Network) connecting to the regional and international research and education networks in order to improve the effectiveness and promote the international cooperation and integration in the field of research and education.

Enabling Environment

Since Internet penetration and technology diffusion are slow in Vietnam, the environment is not yet conducive to develop and exchange open data in the public domain. Moreover, the policies and programmes of the government need to work to promote the open content to support open scholarship.

Potential Barriers

Internet connectivity especially for rural areas is poor.  Developing local content in Vietnamese language is major concern to promote open content. Use of different software for databases and adherence to no general standard leads to problems of interoperability. Lack of English language proficiency hinders content creation or accessing and utilizing openly available content.

List of Publications

Hung, T.B. (2002).  Digital Library Development in Vietnam.


(Modified on October 2013)

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