There are 30 libraries in Albania most of which are university libraries. These have formed the Consortium of Albanian Libraries and are members of EIFL.

Enabling Environment:

The national library was established in 1920 and a legal deposit act passed in 1922 (most recently revised in 1994). Library legislation was passed in 2000 guaranteeing free access to information and establishing a recognition for library development.

Albania Library Association received a grant from EIFL to develop a Consortium of Albanian Libraries.  All members of the consortium have access to Commercial e-resources through EIFL-Licensing.

Potential Barriers:

Albania still ranks as one of the poorest countries in Europe; IT facilities and internet access is limited (few public libraries e.g. Durresi, Fieri, Shkodra , Berat have internet access).

Major Projects/Initiatives:

EIFL funding to the Albanian Library Association in 2004 led to the development of a Library Consortium, conference and training to consortium members.

Details of Key Organizations:

Consortium of Albanian Libraries
Overview: The consortium consists of 30 national, academic and special libraries which, together with the Albanian Library Association, act to provide collective access to e-resources, training for librarians and end-users, technical assistance to members.

Communication address: Consortium of Albanian Libraries c/o University of New York Library, Rr. Komuna e Parisit, P.O.Box 2301, Tirana, Albania; e-mail: mariola.dashi(at)

List of Publications

  • Kupryte, R, Segbert-Elbert, M and Bernal, I (2005) The Initiative: Access and Management of Electronic Resources by Library Consortia in Developing and Transition Countries Serials Review. ol 31, December 2005, 256-260.
  • Xhaja, F (2001) Library system in Albania Unpublished paper.


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