Estonia has 33 higher education institutions (Ministry of Education and Research, Estonia, 2010). Research is state funded and implemented through the Ministry of Education and Research (MED). There are 5 OA repositories at University of Tartu Library (using DSpace); Arhiivikeskus (DSpace); Estonian National Library Archive (Fedora); Academic Library of Tallinn University (EPrints) and Digital Collection of Tallinn University of Technology Library. Initiatives for OA have been taken through the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET).

There are 18 Estonian journals indexed on DOAJ.

Enabling Environment:

There is a vibrant research community in Estonia. Initiatives for OA have been taken through the Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET).

EU Structural Funds for research and development activities is governed by MER and managed by the Archimedes Foundation’s Implementing Agency of Structural Support.

The Estonian Research Information System (ETIS) is a national register which aggregates information on R&D institutions, researchers, projects and research results. In addition, ETIS also serves as an intermediary for the submission of applications and reports as well as the revision and approval thereof.

The research project "Development of research and innovation policies 2011-2015 in Estonia" at University of Tartu in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology is aimed at analysis of the current situation in the field of Estonian research, including intellectual property, financing research etc and give the recommendations. National policy concerning OA will have to be developed and systematic financing will have to set up by the government.

Potential Barriers:

No national OA policy; no financial support for OA publishing; lack of awareness on OA/digital preservation among researchers and academics.

Details of Key Organizations:

Consortium of Estonian Libraries Network (ELNET)
Overview: Consoritium of 12 members aimed at sharing experience, resources and cooperative projects. In partnership with EIFL.

Communication address: ELNET, Tõnismägi 2, Tallinn, 10122, Estonia; e-mail: elnet(at)

University of Tartu Library
Overview: Institutional library and depository for research and theses. Library website has links to all major academic databases. Communication address: University of Tartu Library,   W.Struve 1,  Tartu 50091,  Estonia Phone: +372 7375 702; fax +372 7375 701, Email: library(at)

National Library of Estonia
Overview: Open Access digital depository since 2002.
Communication address: Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu , Tõnismägi 2, 15189 Tallinn, Estonia; e-mail: nlib(at)

Tallinn University Academic Library
Overview: Institutional digital depository with links to electronic databases of institutional and external resources such as Open Science Directory. Communication address: Academic Library of Tallinn University, Rävala Ave 10, 15042 Tallinn, Estonia; e-mail: tlulib(at)

Tallinn University of Technology
Overview: Institutional library and depository for theses; links to electronic research databases and journals. Communication address: Ehitajate tee 5,19086 Tallinn,Estonia; e-mail ttu(at)

Thematic Open Access projects/Initiatives

OpenAIRE,  a three-year project, will establish the infrastructure for researchers to support them in complying with the EC OA pilot and the ERC Guidelines on Open Access.

Past and Future OA Related Activities:

Open Access Week 2010 saw a two-day conference at University of Tartu Library and the simultaneous launch of an informational open access website. This was a strong mark for open access and put the University of Tartu Library on the map of academic publishing in Estonia.  University of Tartu Library is now taking part in the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research programme for monitoring Estonian research policies. Furthermore, the University of Tartu Library has become the central institution for OA information and advice.

The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) 3rd Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP 2011) was held in Tallinn, September 2011.

Open Access Week 2011 in Estonia will be celebrated with an international conference hosted by the University of Tartu Library, October 28, 2011: “Institutional repository as the basis of the promotion and implementation of open access principles”. The main topics of the conference are will be: the experience of different organizations and countries in implementing Open Access principles; Open Access regulations; Open Access in Estonia.
The conference will be preceded by a meeting for the representatives of Estonian libraries and museums. The events are organized within EIFL funded national open access advocacy campaign.

By the end of the year of 2011, the UTL will be able to offer means for OA publishing via the golden and the green road to OA and will have completed developments of its institutional repository in DSpace, as well as have the OJS platform established and functioning.

List of Publications

Epner, H Open Access and a University Library Sciecomm Info, Vol.5, 1 (2009)

Kretaviciene, M Open Access in the Baltic countries Sciecomm Info, Vol 4, No 1 (2008)


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