Research in Greece is carried out in universities and research centres and is mostly funded through the EU Framework; the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) funds most national research. There are 13 institutional repositories at universities in Greece, some of which have further subject specialist repositories. Greece has 30+ journals indexed in DOAJ.

Enabling Environment:

The National Documentation Centre (EKT) maintains a centralised information source on OA in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

Potential Barriers:

Very limited funds available for research and reliance on EU funding; no national mandate; lack of publication business models; lack of national strategy (Georgiou and Papadatou, 2009).

Major Projects/Initiatives:

Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link) operates as a Consortium and comprises 38 higher education institutes and 14 techological education institutes, and 8 other libraries), the Academy of Athens and the National Library of Greece. HEAL offers a portal to 11,000 full text electronic journals, including keyword and subject search to all.

National Information Research and Technology System (NISR+T) project is part of the project ‘'Digital Greece'', and is co-sponsored by EU Regional Development funds and Greek government funding. It aims is to develop digital library services; to collect, document and disseminate Greek digital content;  develop applications and tools that support the organization, management and dissemination of digital Research and Technology content, using internationally accepted standards and practices that have been adapted to the particular situation of Greece;  develop services for the dissemination and exploitation of Research and Technology results; establish cooperation with academic and research institutions and groups, nationally and internationally; develop alternative infrastructures for the collection, organisation and dissemination of digital Research and Technology content

Details of Key Organizations:

National Documentation Centre (EKT)
Overview provides documentation, information and support services on science, research and technology issues to the research, business, government and wider community. Hosts an online platform that provides information about Open Access with links to journals, repositories, OA policies, projects and events in Greece and elsewhere in Europe.

Communication address: National Documentation Centre (EKT), 48 Vassileos Constantinou Av, GR-11635, Athens, Greece; e-mail: openaccess(at)

Thematic Open Access projects/Initiatives

  • Anemi Digital Library: contains a rich collection of digitized material related to Modern Greek Studies
  • National Hellenic Research Foundation depository: The Helios repository is an organized infrastructure of digital content that offers free and unrestricted access to scientific and research material from the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Scientific results, publications in international journals, research work, conference proceedings, books, training material, sound and image files are available in a fully organized environment, compatible to international standards.
  • Pandektis: A major digital collection of Greek history and civilization. The collections have been developed by the Institute of Neohellenic Research, the Institute of Byzantine Research and the Institute of Greek and Roman Antiquity. 

Past and Future OA Related Activities:

  • EKT organises seminars and conferences on OA issues and publicises events through its website.
  • Digital Repositories and Open Access Journals at a Conference organized by the National Documentation Centre (Athens, 15-16 December 2008)
  • International Conference "Open Access: Research-Education-Public Data" 16-17 December 2010, Athens (National Hellenic Research Foundation).

List of Publications

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