Enabling Environment:

The Information Consortium of Libraries of Kazakhstan was formed in 2002.  Through INTAS there are links between Republican Scientific and Technical Library and INASP/ Technical Library of Hanover University, Germany to enable access to scientific journals and a partnership with eIFL-OA.

Potential Barriers:

Library services are at a developmental stage in Kazakhstan and there is limited OA awareness.

Major Projects/Initiatives:

Republican Scientific and Technical Library links with Technical Library of Hanover University, Germany and INASP to provide access to scientific journals through INTAS - International Association for the promotion of cooperation with scientists from the New Independent States of the former Soviet Union (NIS)

Kazakhstan is a member state of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) that has linked to SCOAP3: Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics.

Details of Key Organizations:

National Academic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Overview: The library offers a digital depository, archive and library development function in Kazakhstan. It is a UNESCO Preservation and Conservation Centre (PAC). Communication: 010000, Kazakhstan, Astana, st. Dostyk 11, Kazakhstan; e-mail:  info(at)nabrk.kz

Information Consortium of Libraries of Kazakhstan
Overview: A consortium of 43 members representing 38 library institutions aimed to share experience and resources; work towards electronic delivery of information and professional development of librarians. The consortium have a number of funded projects in aspects of information provision. Communication: Information Consortium of Libraries in Kazakhstan, 050026, Kazakhstan, Almaty, 223-B S.Mukanova St., Kazakhstan; e-mail: i.solovyova(at)iclk.kz

Thematic Open Access projects/Initiatives

International Federation of Library Associations and Institution’s (IFLA's) Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center has signed an agreement with the National Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan to create of a PAC Center in Central Asia.

National Academic Library in Astana, Kazakhstan launched a human rights digital library in October 2006 that offers access to more than 1,000 legal documents in both Kazakh and Russian.

Past and Future OA Related Activities:

February 2010 Kyrgyzstan Library Information Consortium (KLIC) organized a training session “E-resources for Science” for researchers and students of Kyrgyz Law Academy with eIFL -Open Access (OA) covering the benefits of open access, copyright management in open access repositories and deposit of research papers into the Science in Central Asia open access repository.

List of Publications

Urmurzina, K.G. (2002) Information Consortium of Kazakhstan Libraries – a possibility of consolidation of information resources within the country. Paper presented at 68th IFLA Council and General Conference, August 18-24.


(Modified on October 2013)

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