The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Macedonia is a member of COBISS.Net, the cooperative systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Montenegro has a digitalisation programme, MVL, which aimed to network national, higher education and special libraries.

Macedonia is a member of Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) through the support of SDC - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.SDC - Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
Overview of OA:  Open Access is limited in Macedonia. The Macedonian Electronic Libraries is a consortium of 60 libraries and is an EIFL partner.

As of June 2015, there are 17 OA journals from Macedonia indexed in DOAJ.

There are currently no OA policies registered in ROARMAP.

Two OA digital repositories are registered in OpenDOAR: (i) Digital Library of Macedonia of the National and University Library "St. Clement of Ohrid" - Skopje, Macedonia. The repository contains digitized rare books and ancient maps and periodicals; and (ii) UGD Academic Repository of Goce Delcev University, Macedonia.

Enabling Environment:

The consortium of Macedonian Electronic Libraries has an informative web page including information on OA, is in partnership with EIFL and has an OA representative.

Metamorphosis Foundation actively promotes OA through related activities and website.

The library of Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Western Macedonia has a digital depository.

Potential Barriers:

Lack of OA awareness; lack of publication by Macedonian researchers and academics; lack of interest in OA from relevant institutions.

“There has been little interest by Macedonian academic community to take part in Open Access initiatives” (Shumadiev, 2011)

Major Projects/Initiatives:

FUMAGABA project (2008-9) offers access to digital paintings, books, films and the archives of the National Libraries of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Azerbaijan. The project aims to provide information about lesser-known works of art for European researchers.

Details of Key Organizations:

Macedonian Electronic Libraries
Overview: A consortium of 60 academic, special and public libraries.

Communication address: MeB, National and University Library, “St Kliment Ohridzki", buc Goce Delcev 5, 1000 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; e-mail: miodrag(at)

Metamorphosis Foundation
Overview: Metamorphosis is an independent, aimed at the development of democracy and prosperity by promoting knowledge-based economy and information society. Promotes OA and offers information via website.

Communication address: Metamorphosis Foundation, ul. “Apostol Guslarot” 40, Skopje, 1000, Republic of Macedonia; email: info(at)

Past and Future OA Related Activities:

International Open Access Week:

  • 25 October 2012: Scientific Discussion "The Meaning of the Impact Factor for the Scientific Publishing in Republic of Macedonia"
  • 28 October 2011: Seminar "Open Access Publishing and Creative Commons"- The lecture focused on Open Access Publishing in Macedonia and the use of Creative Commons in publication process. Since the situation with Open Access publishing in Macedonia is gaining a momentum, the basic concepts of Open Access publishing and the use of Creative Commons licences were discussed. The need for scientific repositories and institutional archiving as an integral part of OA publishing was mentioned. Recommendations for FOSS was a crucial part of the lecture, emphasizing the importance of becoming a part of the international OA community. 
  • March-April 2010 presentations on OA were held at the Goce Delchev University in Stip, Faculty of Economics, the FON University. University of Southeastern Europe, Tetovo and State University, Tetovo.
  • July 2010 OA training took place in the Institute of Economics.
  • There are plans for an OA repository at the Institute of Economics.

List of Publications

Poposki, D. (2010) Open Educational Resources and Open Access in Higher Education in Macedonia, 2010. (Unpublished) [Report].

Shumadiev, I (2011) Open access projects in Macedonia: the first steps.



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