Romania has 23 universities; research is funded by the National University Research Council; Ministry of Education; Executive Unit for Funding Academic Research and Structural Consulting Group for Human Resource Development.

There are institutional repositories (not OA) at Central University Library "Carol I", Central University Library in Bucharest, Academic Public Administration Studies Archive (APAS) Archive and Transylvania University of Brasov (ASPEKT).

As of June 2015, DOAJ indexes 315 OA journals from Romania.

There are currently no OA policies registered in ROARMAP.

2014: A "National Strategy for Research, Development and Innovation" has established Open Access as the main framework for dissemination of scientific research in Romania. The new strategy document was approved in Bucharest on 21st of October 2014  and ratified by the Romanian Government on 28th October 2014. The new Strategy is aligned with the European policies - Innovation Union and takes traits of the new Horizon 2020 financing instrument. Solid implementation of the new Strategy through the attached National Plan (PNCDI 3) is thought to result in a wide dissemination of the Romanian research output as open access and lead to reaching the targets focused on scholarly communication. The Strategy comes as a seal for the commitments taken by the Romanian Government in its engagement with Open Government Partnership. The new Strategy together with the National Plan and the National Action Plan for Open Government Partnership opens up the field for a renewed scholarly communications valorisation practices creating good incentives for further Open Access developments in Romania.

Enabling Environment:

Founding members of Kosson Library Community are the signatories of Budapest Declaration.

Kosson is a member of OpenAIRE and Open access is promoted together with partners from Transilvania University, Brașov and Romanian Library Association. In September 2010 this partnership concluded with adoption of a Motion concerning Open Access adopted by the ABR National Conference.

Potential Barriers:

Kosson Library Community have been advocates of OA since 2005 and this is still a developing area. Scraba (2010) also cites perceived financial, institutional and legal (copyright) barriers to open access.

Major Projects/Initiatives:

EIFL is involved in public library development in Romania. In 2014 EIFL supported Arad County Library to address media and information literacy issues by introducing an innovative library service for youth.

Transylvania University of Brasov institutional repository has been established.
Kosson online community aims to advocate OA and to stimulate a debate around OA.

Romanian partner institutions and project leaders are involved in 273 FP7 consortia where 21 institutions are lead partners and 252 partners play an active role: 10 projects started in 2007, 47 projects started in 2008, 103 projects started in 2009 and 14 started in 2010. (Source: OpenAIRE).

National and Institutional Level Policies/Mandates:

There are no national funding mandates but all FP7 researchers signing funding agreements after August 2008 are mandated to make their publications or final peer-reviewed manuscripts Open Access within a maximum of 6 months after publication date, and up to 12 months for research carried out in the areas "Science in Society" and "Socio-economic Sciences and the Humanities". This requirement is found in Clause 39 of the FP7 grant contracts.

Details of Key Organizations:

Kosson Library Community
Overview: is a virtual community of Romanian librarians, archivists, museum curators. Founding members of Kosson community are the signatories of Budapest Declaration concerning Open Access to research scientific output. Open Access Disc advocating OA information is made available in USB disk and CD for all those interested in scholarly communications and new publication models.

Communication address: e-mail: kosson(at)

Past and Future OA Related Activities:

It is intended to develop ASPEKT at Transylvania University of Brasov and a national open access site has been established with the aim of serving as a national project database for research.

OpenAIRE plans to have an office base at Kosson community and new OA developments will be raised in Open Access Week 2011.

List of Publications

OpenAIRE, Awareness raising and how to reach researchers and their organisations. Workshop presentation.

Scraba, C (2010) Open access at Romanian Universities: Benefits and Challenges Bulletin of the Transilvania, Vol. 3 (52): 285-292



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