Serbia has an active scientific publishing environment. Most of 400 active professional journals have accepted OA as the publishing model. Full texts are available from Digital Repository of National Library of Serbia, where digital forms of all issues are deposited. Access is provided through DoiSerbia developed and maintained by  National Library of Serbia - KoBSON and SCIndeks: The Serbian Citation Index, developed and maintained by the Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science.

DOAJ indexes 80+ Serbian journals and the Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KOBSON) is a member of EIFL.

Enabling Environment:

Membership of EIFL offers access to facilities and resources to develop and promote OA awareness. Active OA promotion through scientific publishing and indexing (SCIndeks).

Major Projects/Initiatives:


In Serbia majority of scientific journals are published by associations or institutions. Due to that it was reasonable for National Library of Serbia to take the initiative for DOI number and metadata assignment. In past few years whole DOI system has been tested and applied, and cooperation with CrossRef has been established. Ministry of science funded assigning DOI numbers for 61 Serbian scientific journals (cca 21500 articles), for the period 2002 to 2012. Number of journals included in DOI system is growing from year to year and also all articles from this journals are available online. Serbia has shared  its positive experience with colleagues from Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosina & Hercegovina and Georgia.

DOISerbia is internationally recognized. Read more in: CROSSref quarterly and on OAstories.

SCIndeks: The Serbian Citation Index

SCIndeks is the Serbian national citation index, developed to serve as an add-on to the international (Thompson-ISI) citation indexes. It is indexing locally published journals classified as periodicals of scientific character. All of the journals listed are indexed on cover-to-cover basis. In addition to basic article descriptions, SCIndeks contains abstracts and references/citations (metadata) for all articles. Articles from the journals of a certain level of quality which accepted Open Access as a publishing model, are available as full texts.

Legal deposit of publication

Deposition of the digital copy of the printed publication, publisher can choose to depose it with the possibility of Open Access

National Library of Serbia and Matica Srpska Library

Number of deposits: 10200

In Open Access: 2500

“Nasi u FP”

In 2012 KoBSON consortium launched pilot project called “Nasi u FP” which has goal to gather all research papers published within FP projects funded by the European Commission. According to the rules laid down by the European Commission each paper (from seven research areas) published within FP7 has to be in OA.

International Projects

Promotion of Open Access at the University of Belgrade had a goal to promote Open Access and encourage populating newly established Digital Archive of the University of Belgrade, PHAIDRA University of Belgrade

Supporting Serbian journals publishers to switch to article processing charges OA model - a case study from Serbia - economic position of journal publishers struck by the budget crisis, so they can keep practicing OA publishing (CEON)

New Library Services at Western Balkan Universities - had a goal to implement new library ILS service – COBISS 3 and to establish the system for archiving and use of digital objects (Tempus - 3 Serbian Universities)

Details of Key Organizations:

Serbian Library Consortium for Coordinated Acquisition (KOBSON)

Overview: Collective access to e-resources, education and training to librarians and end-users, marketing of and advocacy for libraries, advocacy for open access, general and technical support, management of other information technology infrastructure. KoBSON office is part of National Library of Serbia.

Communication: KoBSON - National Library of Serbia, Skerliceva 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; e-mail: kobson(at)

National Library of Serbia

Overview: Collects and disseminates information; houses materials from (14th to present day; participates in the Virtual Library of Serbia Project (VLS). Promotion of local content.

Communication: National Library of Serbia, Skerliceva 1, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia; e-mail: nbs(at)

Centre for Evaluation in Education and Science (CEON/CEES)

Overview: CEES is developing informetric methods for evaluation of various academic entities. Along with National Library of Serbia is publishing SCIndeks: the national citation index and full text database. Strongly advocates for Open Access within both admission policy and selection of journals for international promotion. Two main CEES's products, SCIndeks and Journal Bibliometric Report, are also accessible under OA. Within a project supported by Information programme, Open Society Foundations, CEES provides know-how and technology to journals willing to switch to an OA model enabling them to collect processing charges from authors, their institutions, and funders.

Communication: Jurija Gagarina 111, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia ; e-mail : ceon(at)


Past and Future OA Related Activities:

Open Access workshops have been organised through cooperation of KOBSON and CEES since 2003. From 2012 on CEES will continue to hold meetings in the form of an international conference.

2012 In October Serbian Librarian Association Conference with OA as a topic (librarian oriented)

2012 BOAC :  Fifth Belgrade International Open Access Conference

2011 CEES's project on journals switching to the authors charging model

2009 SSTBI'09: System of Scientific, Technologic and Business Information

2006 SSTBI'06: System of Scientific, Technologic and Business Information: Status and Perspective

2005 Open Access Citation Indexes

2003 Open Access to the Archives of Scientific and Professional Papers: From Idea to Realization

Potential Barriers:

Lack of knowledge in the researcher community about all the benefits (for them and for the country).

Librarians are familiar with the OA phrase but they don’t know the full meaning (curriculum).

Unclear mandate for OA.


List of Publications

Jaćimović Jelena (2011) Publikovanje u otvorenom pristupu: Istraživanje stavova akademske zajednice Stomatološkog fakulteta Univerziteta u Beogradu, Bibliotekarsko društvo Srbije – X Međunarodna konferencija

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