Together with other countries of the region, Nicaragua participates in open access regional subject repositories, today with a growing number of full-texts, examples: health (BVS), agriculture (SIDALC), education (Relpe and CEDUCAR), public management and policies (CLAD-SIARE), social sciences (FLACSO, Enlace Académico Centroamericano and CLACSO), work (LABORDOC), information science (E-Lis), among others.

A few scientific and academic journals from Nicaragua are available full-text in the open access journal portals DOAJ and Latindex. Latindex has a representation in Nicaragua, within the National Council of Universities (CNU-Consejo Nacional de Universidades).

Latin America Journals Online (LAMJOL), an initiative of the International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), in partnership with Open Journal Systems (OJS), started in 2011 to host journals from Nicaragua and Honduras. Today it hosts 10 journals and expects to add journals from Cuba.

With support from INASP-PERII (Great Britain) and ASDI (Sweden), a Program for Enhancement of Research Information in Nicaragua (Programa para el Fortalecimiento de la Información para la Investigación PEII Nicaragua) started activities promoted by the National Council of Universities (CNU-Consejo Nacional de Universidades) together with the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua-UNAN) and Latindex. Among other activites in 2010:

The Universidad Centroamericana has its open access digital repository registered in ROAR (one repository registered) and in OpenDOAR (one repository registered), with thesis from the University. The University is active in promoting open access in Nicaragua, and together with the Science Academy of Nicaragua, through its Program for the Promotion of Access and Use of Knowledge Digital Resources, has undertaken research on academic journals from Nicaragua.

Nicaragua participates in the Latin America Community of Digital Libraries and Repositories COLABORA, a RedCLARA initiative for cooperation among institutional repositories of Latin America.

Enlace Académico Centroamericano (Central America Academic Link) is an initiative from FLACSO´s Executive Secretariat in Costa Rica, with support from the Ford Foundation, and participation of full-text contents from Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Panamá. This initiative provides social sciences open access publications, news, resources, events and selected links.

Nicaragua participates in The Global Network for Science Academies (IAP) project Open Institutional Repositories Infrastructure network for Central America and the Caribbean.


(Modified on December 2013)

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