Biblioteca Digital Andina (BDA) is an open access initiative of the Andean Community.

The BDA, which opened in August 2002, includes 1,200 full-texts representative of the cultural heritage of the Andean countries and it is also an environment for sharing information, knowledge and services.

This initiative, coordinated by the Documentation Center of the General Secretariat of the Andean Community, has a network of 28 agencies participating in the Andean countries: national libraries, universities, government agencies and NGOs working on the following topics: Andean culture, biodiversity, education, classics, children's literature, Aboriginal languages ​​and integration.

As part of this collaboration, members have been trained in courses on new technologies for document management and preservation, with funding from the French Cooperation Program and the French Institute of Andean Studies.

With this regional digital library the purpose is to contribute to the knowledge, promotion and dissemination of the Andean culture and strengthen the common identity through the dissemination of works of cultural, historical and scientific value for the Andean countries.

Contact information: centrodedocumentacion(at)

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