BIREDIAL – Conference on Digital Libraries and Repositories (Bibliotecas y Repositorios Digitales: Gestión del conocimiento, Acceso Abierto y Visibilidad Latinoamericana)

BIREDIAL is a Latin America regional event to present and discuss developments in digital libraries and repositories for strengthening the visibility of Latin American scientific production in the region and worldwide.

BIREDIAL 2015 will be held from 17-21 November, 2015 at the Universidad del Norte, Colombia. The event is being organized in association with ISTEC.

BIREDIAL 2013 was held in Universidad de Costa Rica, Sabanilla de Montes de Oca, Costa Rica.

BIREDIAL 2011 was organized by the Colombian Digital Library (Biblioteca Digital Colombiana, BDCOL), the National Academic Network of Advanced Technology (Red Nacional Académica de Tecnología Avanzada, RENATA) and the Latin American Community of Digital Libraries and Repositories (Comunidad Latinoamericana de Bibliotecas y Repositorios Digitales, CoLaBoRa) with support from the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) and the Latin American Cooperation of Advanced Networks (Cooperación Latinoamericana de Redes Avanzadas, CLARA). BIREDIAL 2011 took place at the premises of the Universidad del Rosario in Colombia, May 9-11, 2011, and conference documents are available in Open Access in the University institutional repository BIREDIAL 2011 digital collection.


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More information: Saray Córdoba saraycg(at)

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