Creative Commons (CC)

According to a survey by Derechos Digitales (Chile) and Fundación Karisma (Colombia), 75% of Open Access academic publications in Latin America do not establish Open Access editorial policies to regulate the use of content and provide a legal framework, leaving interpretations to the default legislation in each country.

Creative Commons plays an instrumental role in the international Open Access movement, providing copyright tools and CC licences that give creators and institutions a free downloadable standardized way to grant copyright permissions to their creative work.

CC is an international nonprofit organization, chartered in USA, with affiliates in over 79 jurisdictions (2015) to support and promote CC activities around the world.  From Latin America and the Caribbean, the following countries have CC affiliate members from LAC region include  Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.  These CC affiliates are responsible for public outreach, community building, translating information and tools, fielding inquiries, conducting research, communicating with the public, maintaining resources for CC users, and in general, promoting sharing CC mission.  CC Metrics shows that the countries of the region with more CC licences use are: Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

The 3rd CC conference in Latin America (Tercera Conferencia de Creative Commons en América Latina) took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina (17-18 November 2010). 

CC is also expanding Open Access to research institutions. Creative Commons licenses are directly integrated into institutional repository software platforms like DSpace and ePrints. The Scholars’ Copyright Project offers diversity of contents, and the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum Engine helps faculty members upload their research for public use while retaining the rights they want to keep.  CC has created policy briefings and guidelines to help institutions implement open access into their frameworks.  CC affiliates in Latin America and the Caribbean are responsible for translation and promotion of these opportunities.

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