In ROARMAP, Latin America has 12 mandates registered, a 4% of the 300 mandates registered. 

An important contribution from the region to the international open access movement has been the introduction in Congress, in Brazil and in Argentina, of proposals for open access legislation at national level

Brazil first, in 2007, proposed legislation (1120/2007, reintroduced in 2011 under PLS 387/2011) requiring that all Brazil's public institutions of higher education, as well as all research units, should be required to establish institutional repositories in which all theses and the technical-scientific output of their academic and researcher staff should be deposited to ensure that output from activities financed by the State be made openly accessible in the Web. 

In Argentina, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, together with members of the Experts Committee on Digital Repositories of Science and Technology, introduced in Congress a proposal of legislation “Open Science Argentina” in October 2010 for the creation of open access science and technology digital repositories in institutions belonging to the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation that receive State funds.  Requiring deposit of peer-review scientific and technological output: journal articles, theses, among other.  This mandate is not yet registered in ROARMAP.

At institutional level, only 3 universities (from Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela) mandate deposit, the other registered mandates in ROARMAP are general open access information policies.

Mandates registered in ROARMAP from Latin America

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