International Nuclear Information System (INIS)

The International Nuclear Information System (INIS) is the world’s leading information system on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology. Operated by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, INIS covers all aspects of the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, from nuclear reactors, reactor safety and nuclear fusion to applications of radiation and radioisotopes in medicine, agriculture or industry. Many other related topics, like environmental, legal and social aspects associated with nuclear energy, as well as economic and environmental aspects of non-nuclear energy sources are also covered.

INIS maintains, in co-operation with its members, a database with currently over 3.3 million bibliographic references and a collection of 300,000 unique full-text publications, which has been in operation since 1970. At present, 127 countries and 24 international organizations are INIS Members.

Containing not only conventional literature which is commercially available through regular distribution channels, such as books and magazines, INIS also makes available  other forms of literature such as scientific and technical reports, patent documentation, conference proceedings, doctoral thesis and some legal documents, commonly referred to as non-conventional or grey literature and which are difficult to obtain elsewhere.

Recognizing the importance of providing unrestricted and easy access to the general public, the INIS collection is freely available online since April 2009,  providing easy access to reliable nuclear information on the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology, and making nuclear knowledge readily available worldwide. Internet users, particularly nuclear scientists, researchers and students, have welcomed open access to the INIS collection  and its web usage has significantly increased jumping from 7,000 searches in April 2009 to over 110,000 searches in June 2011.

References from over 12,000 journals published in INIS Members States are included in the INIS database. With more and more publishers using the web for publishing their open source journals, the web has become an excellent place to locate valuable nuclear related articles and national INIS centres have begun using the web to locate and identify open access literature to be included in the INIS database. During 2010, Egypt’s INIS centre contributed 750 INIS records from different open access sources. INIS supports this initiative and encourages all of its national centres to identify and use more open sources to increase the availability and timeliness of reliable nuclear information worldwide.

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