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Algeria - Al – Mustamlah Min Kitab Al – Takmila

‘Al – Mustamlah Min Kitab Al – Takmila’ or ‘Mukhtasar Al – Takmila  li Kitab as Sila’ is a manuscript written by Shams Al-dîn Abu ‘Abd Allâh Muhammad B. Ahmad B. ‘Uthman B. Qaymâz B. ‘Abd Allâh at-Turkmânî  al-Fâriqî ad-Dimashqî al-Shâfi’î al-Dhahabi, Shafi ‘ite theologian and jurist, acknowledged master of the science of hadith and great historian of Islam (673-748 H / 1274-1348).This biographical dictionary gathers biographies of prominent jurists, theologians, poets, writers, linguists, physicians, mathematicians, historians and other scholars and Andalusian renowned personalities in their time.This is an original manuscript, written in Arabic by the author himself, circa the 8th/14th AH.

Photos: © National Library of Algeria

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