Memory of the World Register

Canada - Quebec Seminary Collection, 1623-1800 (17th-19th centuries)

Founded in 1663 for the purpose of training priests and evangelizing Amerindians in the diocese of Quebec, which then covered the whole of North America, the Quebec Seminary bears witness to the migration, introduction, continuity and influence of French culture and Catholic spirituality in North America and to their interaction with indigenous cultures and with other cultures of European origin. Its Archives and Library, established early on, contain in particular documents produced or received by its members during the French regime (1534-1763) and the first decades of the British regime (1763-1800). They also include a part of the library of the Jesuit College, the first institution of higher education founded in North America (1653-1765).

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Photos: © Jessy Bernier, © Pierre Soulard, © Idra Labrie