Memory of the World Register

Venezuela - Colombeia: Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda’s Archives

Francisco de Miranda’s passion for freedom governed his life. Since 1790 he tenaciously promoted Latin America’s independence. He presented his project before the British Empire, traveled to revolutionary France seeking cooperation for his undertaking and promoted his project among politicians of the burgeoning American democracy. Simultaneously, he wrote constitutions, prepared invasion plans, wrote proclamations, promoted meetings, and raised funds; all for one purpose: the independence of the territories of Latin America.

The proposed documents contain a vast amount of varied and very interesting information concerning an era of worldwide transcendental change. The documentary series corresponds to the final years of the XVIII century and beginning of the XIX, directly related to different events of great historical meaning for humankind, such as: the Spanish war against the Moors of the Alauita Sultanate of Morocco; the process of independence of the United States and the decisive Franco-Spanish participation in the conflict; the political life of Tsarist Russia in the era of the Empress Catherine the Great; the French Revolution and the international war conflicts derived from it; and, last but not least, the initial struggle towards independence of Spanish–American colonies. Don Francisco de Miranda actively participated in each one of the above mentioned events.

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Photos: © Joaquín Torres