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Iran - A Collection of selected maps of Iran in the Qajar Era (1193 - 1344 Lunar Calendar / 1779-1926 Gregorian Calendar)

The collection includes 500 pages of unique handwritten and lithographic maps related to the Qajar era in Iran. Although geographical map preparation in Iran dates back to the 3rd century in the lunar calendar (9th century in the Gregorian calendar), application of exact cartographic scales in mapping in Iran was initiated in the 13th century of the lunar calendar (18th century Gregorian Calendar), subsequent to the establishment of Darolfonon (polytechnic school) the first higher education centre in Iran. The maps provide information on boundary lines, impacts of human-instigated and natural disasters on the borders, and geographical place names some of which are now either non-existent or have been renamed.

Photos: © Center of National Documents and the History of Diplomacy (CNDHD)

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