23.05.2007 -

5th World Summit on Media for Children in Johannesburg

Children's TV producers from 88 countries, along with media regulators, researchers and youth media projects, enjoyed the hospitality of Johannesburg at the 5th World Summit for Media and Children, which took place from 24 to 28 March 2007.

The Summit's theme was Media as a Tool for Global Peace and Democracy and the stars of the show were the 300 children who attended. They made films, produced a daily newspaper and demonstrated their talents as communicators with testimony, challenging questions and energy levels that put the adults to shame.


One of the plenary sessions at the Summit was dedicated to the role of the media in HIV/AIDS awareness with a key focus on how to produce HIV/AIDS programmes for a young audience.


The Summit included children as keynote presenters during each day's plenary and their message was simple: 'Listen to young people and let us in on the closed world of mainstream media production'. They told an audience, that included UN and government officials, senior TV executives, academics and development agencies: 'We are your audiences and your future. We have plenty to say and plenty to give. In an interactive multimedia world there is no excuse for excluding us.'


Tsehai Loves Learning by Whiz Kids Workshop P.L.C., a project supported by the International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), was presented at the Summit as an example of quality education children's television programmes. The first of its kind on the Ethiopian media landscape, Tsehai Loves Learning has won free air-time with the national broadcaster and provides local language content to its viewers.


Djibril Diallo, Director of the UN Office for Sport and Development, gave his blessing to an exciting project which should reach TV screens in advance of the next Football World Cup which South Africa hosts in 2010.


Held every three years in different regions of the globe, the World Summit movement began in 1995 with the first event hosted in Australia. Thereafter Summits followed in the UK, Greece and Brazil. The 5th World Summit on Media for Children (5WSMC) was coordinated by the Children and Broadcasting Foundation for Africa (CBFA). The next one will be held in Karlstad, Sweden, in 2010 and will bring together film and TV producers, their audiences and those who analyse the impact of their products.

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