21.06.2012 - UNESCO Office in Venice

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Open Discovery Space will be presented by the UNESCO Venice Office and Ellinogermaniki Agogi tomorrow, 22 June, at the Open Seminar & Exhibition, a parallel event to the 2012 World Open Education Resources (OER) Congress - organized by UNESCO to provide an opportunity to civil society organizations, academia, and individual experts to present on their Open Educational Resources initiatives.

Open Discovery Space (ODS), funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT-PSP call 5, and kicked off in Athens in April 2012, is the result of collaboration between 51 organizations from 23 countries, with the aim to create a socially-powered, multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adaptation of eLearning Resources in Europe. ODS will accelerate the sharing, adoption, usage, and re-purposing of the rich educational content base created through funding from the eContentplus programmes. Further, it will align the efforts and initiatives of a large number of relevant stakeholders around Europe, stimulating and increasing user demand.

UNESCO Venice Office, through its Science unit, plans to co-organize, in collaboration with ODS national coordinators, National Commissions for UNESCO, national educational and scientific authorities and with the participation of selected UNESCO Schools from target countries, regional visionary workshop(s) to be possibly embodied in a major scientific event.

In particular, UNESCO Venice Office will contribute to ODS by disseminating and sharing narratives from the region about the successful use of ICT in education; opening a steered debate on the potentialities and obstacles related to ICT exploitation in the region and basic requirements to be met; incubating new ideas for possible innovative ICT-based scenarios to be implemented in the region; presenting ODS resources and incentives to be put at the service of schools and teachers willing to turn their ideas into concrete scenarios by using ICT-based applications and resources for education, in particular science education; and, involving committed schools into a regional/international UNESCO-ODS contest for the award to the best case-scenarios developed in the school settings.

OER Appointment : Session 6b at 15:25

Link: Joint presentation by Sofokolis Sotiriou, Head of Research and Development Department - Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece) and Davide Poletto, Programme Officer, Science unit - UNESCO Venice Office (PDF - ODP)

UNESCO live-streams both the official Congress and the Open Seminar. More information is available online at www.unesco.org/oercongress

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