16.11.2005 -

Access to cyberspace for people with disabilities at WSIS agenda in Tunis

A Workshop on "ICT and Persons with Disabilities", the first of three events organized by UNESCO at the Tunis meeting of the World Summit on the Information Society, is taking place today.

The workshop will look at policies that promote accessibility and inclusion in the digital world, especially in developing countries, and given the participatory and inclusive goals of knowledge societies, at how access to cyberspace for people with disabilities can be enhanced.


It provides a platform for discussing policies with regard to ICT and people with disabilities. Representatives of governments, researchers and leaders from civil society will share experiences and visions on how ICT can improve the lives of persons with disabilities.


In particular, the participants will:


<li>discuss the status of policies on ICT application for people with disabilities worldwide, including visually impaired people and people with mobile, speech and cognitive disabilities;</li>


<li>showcase various solutions for information access for people with disabilities, such as special library services, free and open software solutions and special solutions for information and communication support for autistic people.</li>

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