12.08.2011 - UNESCO

Applying UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers in Angola

A series of workshops on UNESCO’s ICT Competency Framework for Teachers took place this week in Luanda, Angola. Four one-day events aimed at assisting teacher education institutions of the country in designing teacher training programmes focusing on information and communication technologies.

The four workshops were held to familiarize stakeholders in ICT in education with the UNESCO ICT Competency Frameworks for Teachers project (ICT-CFT):

  • Workshop on Policy Framework for ICT Competency Framework for Teachers at the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology on 8 August 2011;
  • two Workshops on the Implementation Guidelines on ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, the first one at  the National Institute for Education Research and Development on 9 August 2011, and the second one at the National Center for Information Technologies on 10 August 2011;
  • Workshop on ICT Standard Modules for an ICT Competency Framework in cooperation with UNESCO’s International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) at the National Institute for Professional Education on 11 August 2011.

Several initiatives are ongoing in order to improve the quality of education in Angola, including the recognition of ICT as an important element of capacity development of the Angolan workforce. The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers project can assist Angola in implementing effective ICT policies in education, targeting specifically teachers. The ICT-CST project involves three actions:

  • establishment of standards of technological competency for primary and secondary school teachers within a consistent curriculum framework;
  • construction of international acknowledgement of the competency standards; and
  • incentives for course providers to apply for certification of their offerings under the conditions established by UNESCO.

Angolan experience in teachers’ ICT skills development can help, in its turn, other countries to make a better use of UNESCO’s ICT-CFT guidelines. The basis for such mutual collaboration lies within the Integrated Strategy for Improvement of the Education System of Angola (2001-2015).

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