14.01.2003 -

Approaches To Development : Some New Studies On Communication For Development

Communication for development, or "development communication", which is the sharing of knowledge taking into account the interests, needs and capacities of all concerned, is at the core of UNESCO's mission and actions. That is why UNESCO has sponsored a new CD-ROM gathering a series of studies on this issue entitled "Approaches to Development: Studies on Communication for Development".

Edited by Professor Jan Servaes, from the "Communication for Social Change" Research Centre in Brussels, Belgium, the study addresses a wide range of issues, from the possible action of communication on the persistence of poverty to the possible Media Globalization through Localization, or from UNESCO's contributions to Cultural Diversity and Communication for Development to the way to make Community Media work. The series of studies ends with a bibliography aimed at allowing further researches.


As Professor Servaes says: "Communication media are important tools in achieving this process but their use is not an aim in itself- interpersonal communication too must play a fundamental role". This is the reason why communication policies, planning-making and implementation need particular attention and studies as the ones gathered in this CD-ROM. This new tool is freely available to the UNESCO's Communication Development Division.

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