29.10.2004 -

Asia Pacific Information Network Focuses on Information Literacy at Beijing Meeting

Thirty participants from seventeen countries in Asia and the Pacific met last week for the second session for the Asia Pacific Information Network (APIN) at the Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) in Beijing, China, highlighting the important role of information literacy in the region.

Participants said that APIN should launch campaigns to raise awareness on Information literacy in the region, for example by promoting reading and encouraging partnership with the media for publishing success stories and promote champions of information literacy.


The final declaration that the participants adopted at the end of the three-day meeting on 23 October, stresses that APIN should be an "authoritative and comprehensive information hub in the emerging knowledge societies with active participation and contribution by APIN National Units (NU) in all member countries". They stressed the need to "strengthen and empower APIN NU to play an effective role as gateways to ensure provision of and access to information and knowledge resources


APIN, a regional sister of UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP), is a network formed by merging the Regional Network for the Exchange of Information and Experiences (ASTINFO), the Regional Informatics Network for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RINSEAP) and the Regional Informatics Network for South and Central Asia (RINSCA).


APIN promotes ICT literacy and application, information and knowledge networking, sharing of information resources, and use of international standards and best practices in communication, information and informatics.

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