07.03.2007 -

Asia-Pacific MDG Media Awards 2007

The Asia-Pacific-Europe Partnership Committee on Broadcasting Development presents the 1st Asia-Pacific Millennium Development Goals Media Awards for the best documentary contributing to conflict resolution.

The MDG Media Awards encourage journalists (print, radio and TV) to put a human face to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the region, demonstrating how stories about extreme poverty link to the MDGs. Entries don't have to cover all eight MDGs, but could focus on one.

The range of content for the media awards is very broad. Suggested ideas include:

  • A person or family's struggle to ease hunger and fight disease (MDG Goal 1)
  • Success story of an AIDS victim and the role government, civil society and other institutions play into that family's ordeal. (MDG Goal 6)
  • Young peoples concerns with climate change and air quality (MDG Goal 7)
  • A `day in the life' of a rural child trying to obtain an education (MDG Goal 2)

Reference to the MDGs (whether one or all MDG Goals) in the content is mandatory. The competition is open to all print, radio and TV producers/journalists from public service broadcasting organizations, private networks and free-lance producers covering the Asia and the Pacific.

The Awards carry a prize of USD 7,000 for first prize winners in each category, and a USD 2,000 prize for runners up.

Entries can be in English and in the local language with appropriate English translations.

The organizers of the award accept entries for broadcast in various formats, such as documentaries, special and feature reports, current affairs programme, talk shows of a serious of ten-minute feature reports. They should be at least 15 minutes to give substance to the presentation of the topic. For print, formats can be a special report, feature and investigative piece.

The deadline for the submission of entries to the 1st Asia-Pacific Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Media Awards, which honor outstanding reporting/writing on the MDGs in print, radio and TV is 15 April 2007.

The Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development (AIBD) acts as the secretariat for the Awards.

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