07.06.2004 -

Asian TV Documentary Exchange Meeting Concluded

34 television-makers from 17 Asian countries met last week at the "ABU/UNESCO 2004 TV Documentary Exchange Meeting and Workshop" in Suwon, Republic of Korea. Co-organized by the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and UNESCO, the event that was hosted by the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) provided many opportunities for training and programme exchange for film makers from Asia.

The workshop during which documentaries, docu-dramas, investigative programmes and "post 9/11" productions were screened provided professionals with a possibility to step back from daily routines and reflect on their own work as well as the work being made by their peers from the region.

"There are no recipes for successful documentary-making and the best way to learn and increase our creative capacity is by watching as many examples as possible" said one of the participants.

The event included a presentation of UNESCO's Audiovisual E-platform and a screening of the Reel Intercultural Dialogue series of fiction films, recently produced by the Organization in collaboration with film and television schools from all over the world.

"ABU/UNESCO workshops have a very concrete follow-up once the event is over: as the meeting allows the setting-up of an informal network of committed professionals, both organizations can continue to work with the group in the future in order to promote the concept of public service broadcasting and quality television through other training, distribution and production activities, at the regional and international levels" says UNESCO project manager Rosa M. Gonzalez.

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