02.12.2005 -

Buidling websites that meet the needs of people with disabilities

A special training workshop on website development for NGOs that care for people with special needs will take place in Chtoura, Lebanon from 22 to 25 December 2005.

The workshop comes that is organized in cooperation with the Society for the Human Rights of the Handicapped is part of a series of training ativities aiming at developing web building skills of civil society and NGO workers that are specialized in helping people with special needs.


Implemented within the framework of the activities the UNESCO Beirut Offices related to the Information for All Programme, the training activity aims to help in capacity building of organizations dealing with persons with special needs, in order to try to improve the quality of their lifes.


Whereas this workshop is addressed to people in the Bikaa and Mount Lebanon region another training activity is also planned for the Northern region of Lebanon.


With over 10% of the world's population suffering from a variety of disabilities. ICTs have the potential for making significant improvements in the lives of these persons.


ICTs offer individuals the ability to compensate for physical or functional limitations, thus allowing them to enhance their social and economic integration in communities by enlarging the scope of activities available to them.


By collaborating with other institutions that share these concerns, UNESCO is seeking to realize the full potential of ICTs.


In this context, UNESCO organized at the World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis last month a workshop providing a platform for discussing policies in regard to ICT and persons with disabilities during which representatives of governments, researchers and leaders from civil society shared experiences and visions on how ICTs can improve the lives of these persons.

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