16.05.2017 - UNESCO Montevideo Office

Calls are open until July 31st. Regional Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme

Khipus (Peru) - Khipu Database Project incorporated in 2016 to the MOWLAC Register

The UNESCO Memory of the World Programme, Regional Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean is pleased to announce that the calls for nomination of documentary heritage to be included in the Regional Register for Latin America and the Caribbean will be open until July 31st. Public and private institutions, libraries, archives, museums, non-governmental organizations and individuals working on the preservation of documentary heritage are invited to apply.

Documentary heritage traces the evolution of thought, discoveries and achievements of society. It is the legacy of the past to the present and future world community. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is still dispersed today due to the accidental or deliberate displacement of funds and collections, war or other historical circumstances. The growing awareness of these risks warns about the need to adopt actions and related policies to deal with the current situation.

The Committee calls for the inclusion in the Register of documents or documentary collections of an archival, bibliographic or audio-visual nature, relevant to the collective memory of the Latin American and Caribbean society. Applications may include documents or textual documentary sets (handwritten or printed), audio-visual (films, videos, sound records), iconographic or cartographic.

Since 2002, the Regional Register has 146 regional inscriptions that include various collections on politics, philosophy, letters, and music, in textual, graphic and audio-visual format of regional and national scope. The Latin American and Caribbean list also addresses issues of human rights, indigenous themes and slavery. For Guilherme Canela, secretary of the Regional Committee and Director of Communication and Information of UNESCO: "MOWLAC open calls are always a double opportunity: on the one side, they are the recognition of the documentary richness of our region, and, on the other, the deepening of a regional dialogue on the challenges we have in order to consolidate document management policies".

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of Saint Maarten will host the XVIII Meeting of the Regional Committee

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports of Saint Maarten recently confirmed that it will host the 2017 annual meeting that will take place from the 25th to 27th October 2017. Like every year, leading international experts who make up the regional committee gather discuss and debate which of the nominations should be included in the regional register candidates as well as advance in the post-2015 priorities of the documentary heritage of Latin America and the Caribbean, in particular in the framework of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

For Ms. Silveria Jacobs, Minister Education, Culture, Youth and Sport of Saint Maarten, receiving the Regional Committee will mean "strengthening the ties between Sint Maarten and the rest of the Caribbean and collaborating in the aspect of protecting and preserving our natural and cultural heritage through various forms of memorabilia".

The UNESCO Memory of the World Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean seeks to protect high-value documentary heritage from the Region and to help networks to exchange and access information and obtain resources for the preservation documentary archives.

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