18.05.2012 - UNESCO

Celebrating Memory of the World: Experts meet in Warsaw

Experts' meeting in Warsaw, Poland, May 2012 - © UNESCO

As part of the commemorations for the 20th Anniversary of the Memory of the World Programme, an experts’ meeting was held in Warsaw, Poland, from 8 to 10 May 2012. Organized by UNESCO and hosted by the Government of Poland, the meeting was attended by 50 experts covering different geographic areas and professional expertise, containing a blend of representatives of the different structures of the Programme on international, regional and national levels, practitioners, professors, academia and national authorities.

The meeting in Warsaw was a follow-up to one of the recommendations contained in Resolution 59 adopted by the 36th session of the UNESCO General Conference. Member States requested the Director-General to initiate an overall evaluation and in-depth reflection on the modalities of strengthening the Memory of the World (MoW) Programme and its impact to meet their expectations both at national and international levels. Strengthening the Programme was also one of the recommendations of the Warsaw Declaration, issued by the 4th International Conference on the Memory of the World.

The meeting was inaugurated by the Vice-Minister of Culture and National Heritage of Poland, Ms Małgorzata Omilanowska. The discussions took place in a lively and engaging atmosphere, which enabled a better understanding of the issues and the adoption of possible scenarios to strengthen MoW and preserve documentary heritage in general. The meeting examined the findings of previous surveys, which sought to obtain information on different aspects of the Programme. This also included the creation of synergies among the three heritage programmes of UNESCO and the results of a working group looking at the future status of MoW.

The final recommendations of the meeting will be submitted for approval to the UNESCO Executive Board at its 190th session, in October 2012.

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