09.10.2017 - UNESCO Office in Nairobi

Coding Program launched in Kenyan Secondary Schools

At Lang'ata Boys School (c) UNESCO

Moringa School has launched a practical, introduction to coding program at secondary schools in Kenya. Secondary school Practical Open-source Curriculum (SPOC) has kicked off in Lang’ata Boys, Starehe Girls and Sunshine Secondary School. To date, SPOC has trained over 100 students.

Powered by Moringa School and in partnership with UNESCO and Repl.it, the students in these schools are undergoing SPOC’s term 1 curriculum, where they are learning the basics of HTML and CSS, the languages used to write web pages and websites. The vision of the SPOC program is to be able to power secondary school computer clubs across Kenya with world-class coding content, curated and created by Moringa School.

For the past few months, Moringa School has been testing the SPOC content with various schools and through a summer coding camp to ensure the content quality is high and the learning experience strong and motivating for students. With successful tests and mini-pilots,

Moringa has begun to push out the term 1 content and aims to increase access to the term 1 content to 3 more schools in January.

“The SPOC program has already been an incredible success“, says Ian Munene, the SPOC program coordinator. “The uptake from schools and also from students is extremely encouraging and we’re excited to continue offering it to more secondary schools across Kenya and meet the high demand.” Through its work in transforming higher education in Africa, Moringa School has achieved great success in its full-time Prep and Core classes. SPOC was created to bring access to high-quality coding content for students, especially those from low-income, public secondary schools, before they move into tertiary education.

“Moringa School has launched SPOC to increase access to our world-class content,” says

Audrey Cheng, Moringa’s CEO. “We are thrilled to be able to impact more lives by teaching students the skills they need for today’s job market.”

Before the end of 2017, SPOC will also launch in Upper Hill. For other secondary school students, there is also the opportunity to access SPOC through a free November boot camp. In the first term of 2018, SPOC will power 7 schools - the current schools will be in SPOC’s term two curriculum and the additional three schools will begin with SPOC’s term one curriculum.

More about Moringa School

Founded in April 2014, Moringa School is a world-class career accelerator transforming higher education in Africa, starting with computer science. With a 95% job placement rate, content matched to the job market and a cutting edge teaching methodology, students graduate as top mobile or web developers. Moringa currently offers Moringa Prep (a 5-week, full-time, fundamentals of programming course) and Moringa Core (a 15-week, full-time advanced programming course). Moringa School has been recognized for its high quality and innovative education model by the World Bank, IFC and Financial Times.

The Secondary school Practical Open-source Curriculum can be accessed through this link http://moringaschool.com/spoc/

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