06.10.2003 -

Communication and Information on Agenda of UNESCO's General Conference for Three Days

The Programme and Budget for 2004 and 2005 of UNESCO's Communication and Information Sector is on the agenda of Commission V of UNESCO's General Conference, which starts its three-day session today in Paris under the chair of Abdulwahab Bouhdiba of Tunisia.

"Fostering equitable access to information and knowledge for development" and "Promoting freedom of expression and communication development" are the two main areas in which UNESCO plans to work in the coming two years, when access to information and knowledge are expected to increasingly determine patters of learning, cultural expressions, and social participation.


"Access to information and knowledge provide opportunities for development, more effective poverty reduction and preservation of peace" states the Organization in the proposed programme "Knowledge has become a principal force of social transformation. ICT opens up new horizons for building inclusive knowledge societies through education, the exchange and sharing of knowledge, the promotion of creativity and intercultural dialogue. ICT also bring about new challenges for freedom of expression, which is an essential condition for sustainable development, democracy and peace".


Also on the Commission's Agenda are two standard-setting instruments concerning information and communication technology to be submitted to UNESCO's Member States for adoption during the 32nd session of the Organization's General Conference (September 29 to October 17): one on multilingualism in cyberspace and access to the internet and the other on the preservation of digital heritage.

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