28.06.2012 - Communication & Information Sector

Congress in Santiago is focusing on challenges of journalism profession

Santiago is playing host to the first international congress on the future of journalism studies. Under the theme “Identity, changes, and challenges of the journalism profession in the 21st century", the event brings together national and international researchers, journalism professionals and students to discuss the status and challenges of journalism around the world.

Organized by the Universidad de Santiago, Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and the Universidade do Porto (Portugal), with the support of the Regional Bureau of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean, the congress will take place from 27 to 29 June, 2012. 

Participants will seek to analyse the impact of social, economic, political, technological and educational changes on journalism and journalists. The technological revolution, the growth of educational options, and the acute cultural, economic, and political shifts are among the main items on the event’s agenda.  

Claudia Mellado, executive director of the congress and Universidad de Chile academic, observed that “there will be a clear turning point in interest and development in this area of research in the field of communication”, adding that “meetings such as this one should come to form a permanent bridge for contact, interchange, and collaboration between local and global journalism researchers, positioning Chilean research in a broader, global context”.

She pointed out that the congress was a landmark event in Chile, emphasising that “meetings like this generally take place in the developed countries of the Northern Hemisphere”.

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