07.10.2011 - UNESCOPRESS

Director-General pays tribute to Steve Jobs

© All rights reserved - Steve Jobs

UNESCO Director - General Irina Bokova today paid tribute to the co-founder and past Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs, who passed away on 5 October.

“Steve Jobs not only revolutionised an industry, he also contributed to the tremendous changes we have witnessed in the way people communicate, work and play,” the Director-General said. “His inventions changed the way we use computers, making them simple and easy, and  his impact on the development of personal computing will continue to be felt for decades to come.

“Steve Jobs was also a pioneer in providing access to quality information and he understood the importance of knowledge sharing. He created a platform where the world’s  best minds can share their knowledge - namely iTunes University.

“UNESCO opened its own site on iTunes University just a few months ago and we hope that our contribution to this great idea of information sharing will continue to enrich the lives of people everywhere, and honour the memory of this remarkable man.”

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