06.12.2007 -

Experts gather to define indicators for measuring media development

On 10-11 December 2007, a group of experts will meet at UNESCO Headquarters to discuss and finalize a set of indicators for measuring media development.

The meeting is an important stage of the process launched at the 25th session of the Intergovernmental Council of the International Programme for the Development of Communication aimed at defining a list of indicators, which could be used by development agencies, media organizations, civil society and policy makers to assess the level of media development in a given country, and identify the areas in which assistance is most urgently required.


A total of thirty experts from various regions of the world will be attending the meeting. They will include representatives of media organizations, international NGOs, donor agencies and UN agencies, as well as a number of researchers.


Discussions will be based on a draft paper which proposes five categories of indicators for further elaboration: The system of regulation and control; Plurality and transparency of ownership; Media as a platform for democratic discourse; Professional capacity building and supporting institutions; and Infrastructural capacity.


A previous background study designed to map out the main existing initiatives developed by various stakeholders to define indicators of media development had revealed a patchwork of overlapping and at times contradictory sets of indicators, intended for different purposes. This selection aims to capture and build upon the consensus about how the media can best contribute to, and benefit from, good governance and democratic development.


The finalized set of indicators for measuring media development will be presented to the IPDC Intergovernmental Council at its 26th session in March 2008.

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