16.12.2009 -

First Arab manual for investigative journalists launched in Amman

UNESCO and ARIJ (an independent Arab non-profit organization) officially launched the first Arab manual for investigative journalists at the second ARIJ conference, which took place last November in Amman, Jordan. Entitled Story-Based Inquiry: A manual for investigative journalists, the publication was jointly produced by UNESCO and ARIJ to fill the gap in the literature of the profession.

The second Regional Conference for Arab Investigative Journalism was organized by ARIJ to tackle principles of investigative reporting, access to public information, in-depth interview techniques and the future of investigative journalism in the Arab world. About 200 Arab and international journalists, editors and media academics participated in the event. 22 workshops that took place in the framework of the Conference offered participants training opportunities on investigating climate change, advanced writing skills, computed-assisted reporting and other issues.


According to participants, the Conference was as a milestone on a long path towards in-depth reporting, accountability and transparency in Arab newsrooms. Frank discussions at various sessions raised the bar of freedom of thought and speech amongst Arab reporters as they discussed multiple issues of mutual interest and concern.


"A momentum has been gained by ARIJ and the Conference is the pinnacle of our work," said ARIJ Chairman, Daoud Kuttab. "Participants returned to their work inspired to continue on the path of investigative journalism and, at the same time, proud to be part of our network".


The Manual for investigative journalists, launched at the Conference, is an important guide to basic methods and techniques in investigative reporting that focuses on the hypothesis-based inquiry approach. A series of activities in connection with the Manual will be implemented in other Arab countries and beyond during the next two years. The publication is available for free download in Arabic, English and French: <a href="ev.php?URL_ID=29032&amp;URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&amp;URL_SECTION=201">click here</a>.

The Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is an independent non-profit organization established by Arab media activists and media organizations in 2005. Since then it has been working to improve the quality of investigative reporting across the region. UNESCO supports its initiatives that promote accountability and professional standards in journalism.

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