05.02.2009 -

Good practices in community media to be discussed at UNESCO Headquarters next week

A group of 16 experts consisting of community media researchers, practitioners, network leaders and representatives of associations/organizations selected worldwide will participate in the Experts Consultative Meeting on Good Practices in Community Media, to be held from 9 to 11 February 2009 at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.

The meeting will focus on identifying good practices concerning community media throughout the world, especially in the domain of policy, legislation, management, code of practices, self regulation, funding mechanisms/entrepreneurship options, programming, sustainability, access, participation and other issues. These identified good practices will be documented and shared with larger communities both online and in printed format.


UNESCO recognizes that community-based media ensure media pluralism, diversity of content, and serves the needs of a society's different groups and interests. Community media encourage open dialogue and transparency of administration at local level and offer a voice to the voiceless. They favour public access, sharing experiences and information. A diverse mix of public, private and community media are desirable for any country.

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