12.09.2005 -

IFAP funded project on libraries and copyright starts

A project funded by UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP) aiming at empowering library communities to become key players in the development of democratic societies now started with the signature of a contract between UNESCO and eIFL.net.

With a grant of USD34.000 the project "Advocacy for Access to Knowledge: copyrights and libraries" will work with networks of library consortia, mainly in former Soviet Union countries to raise awareness, build capacity, expertise and resources in current copyright issues and identify how they relate to the application of ICTs.


As an international foundation which supports library consortia in transitional and developing countries to negotiate and advocate the wide availability of electronic information, eIFL.net will not only identify issues in copyright relevant to libraries in developing countries but also develop a scalable and transferable awareness raising and training programme of activities about the challenges of copyright and related issues in the digital age.


Moreover, the IFAP grant will enable eIFL.net to train librarians in the political and legal framework. To secure the sustainability of the project, eIFL.net is required to create strategic partnerships with national, regional and international civil society organizations.


UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP) provides a framework for international co-operation and international and regional partnerships. It supports the development of common strategies, methods and tools to build inclusive, open and pluralistic knowledge societies and to narrow the gap between the information rich and the information poor.

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