25.10.2005 -

IFAP funded research on information literacy in China and Indonesia

Research on information literacy in China and Indonesia started in September 2005, conducted by the Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of China (ISTIC) with funding from UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP).

"As two of the largest developing countries in the world, China and Indonesia have been fallen behind in information education at large, especially in rural and remote areas. China's information capacity is equivalent to 8.6% of USA, 15.3% of the Republic of .Korea and 40.2% of Brazil respectively. The objective of this project is to better understand the real situation of information literacy education, basic content of information literacy education, system and model of the education, education methods and compare it to experience of main developed countries", says ISTIC.


The Institute will run field surveys in Chinese and Indonesian educational establishments, analyze the data and organize training workshops for information professionals from least developed regions in neighboring countries. Conclusions of the research will be presented in the database of China National Information Literacy Education, and discussed during a Symposium on information literacy in the city of Xi'an.


Established in October, 1956 ISTIC is a national information center directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology with a staff of 850


Cooperation between UNESCO and ISTIC dates back to 1970s. Among the latest important activities co-organized by ISTIC and UNESCO were the 2nd session of the UNESCO Asia Pacific Information Network (APIN) and the Workshop on Open Access to Digital Scientific Resources, both held in Beijing last year. ISTIC has been conducting graduates programmes on informatics and libraries Science since 1978. This year ISTIC has also funds to the IFAP, recognizing the programme as an important initiative to improve people's life by access to information and knowledge.

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