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IFAP promoting linguistic and cultural diversity in Cyberspace

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The 2nd International Conference on Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Cyberspace took place on 12-14 July, 2011, in Yakutsk, Russian Federation. This important conference brought together some 100 experts from over 30 countries representing UNESCO’s 5 regional groupings.

The event was organized by the Russian National Committee of UNESCO’s intergovernmental Information for All Programme (IFAP), the North-Eastern Federal University, the Interregional Library Cooperation Centre, the MAAYA World Network for Linguistic Diversity, Latin Union with the support of UNESCO, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and the National Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO.

The Conference provided a platform for the exchange of innovative international experiences. A total of 70 papers were presented during the 3-day conference by distinguished experts representing intergovernmental and international organizations, governments, the private sector, academia and civil society. The quality of the papers and the diversity of the audience enabled a range of issues and multi-disciplinary perspectives to be brought to bear on the challenge of supporting the survival, development and preservation of languages and cultures in cyberspace.

The conference also contributed to UNESCO’s ongoing efforts to foster inclusive Knowledge Societies as well as to consolidating and further developing UNESCO inter-governmental Information For All Programme. As the conference’s topics were closely linked to IFAP’s priorities special attention was given to how the recommendations of the conference could be implemented through specific projects developed and implemented in concert with UNESCO and National IFAP Committees.

The deliberations and recommendations of the conference have been captured in an output document the “Yakutsk Call for Action: a Roadmap towards the World Summit on Multilingualism (2017)” which was unanimously adopted during the Conference’s closing session.

The Conference proceedings will be shortly published in Russian and English.

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“Yakutsk Call for Action: A Roadmap towards the World Summit on Multilingualism (2017)”:

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