07.12.2005 -

Information literacy training for teachers in Ghana

An information literacy project for headmasters of schools participating in Ghana's Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) was recently launched with the support of UNESCO's Information for All Programme.

The objectives of the project are to provide a series of ICT training courses for fifty headmasters and teachers from selected ASPnet schools. On one hand the project will equip teachers and students with ICT skills to foster effective twinning among ASPnet schools, promote the quality of education in ASPnet schools through Internet access and the use of virtual libraries and train resource persons in ICT for ASPnet schools.


On the other hand the project will provide additional equipment for the ICT Centre for ASPnet Schools in Accra. The Centre was established with UNESCO's support following the state visit of the Director General in January 2004.


UNESCO's Information for All Programme (IFAP) provides a framework for international co-operation and international and regional partnerships. It supports the development of common strategies, methods and tools to build inclusive, open and pluralistic knowledge societies and to narrow the gap between the information rich and the information poor .


Ghana's ASPnet was established in 1958 and is an active member of the Global Associated School Project network. The activities of ASPnet revolve around four fundamental pillars, namely: peace building, human rights, intercultural dialogue and the environment. Currently, 130 primary and secondary schools in Ghana are involved in the ASPnet. Ghana's ASPnet has twinned with many schools abroad, including schools in: Denmark, Great Britain, Mexico and the USA. The network has facilitated exchanges among teachers and students.

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