24.03.2003 -

Intergovernmental IPDC Council to Meet In Paris this Week

The representatives of 39 Member States of UNESCO from all regions of the world will meet at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris this week for the 23rd session of the Intergovernmental Council of UNESCO's International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC). Torben Krogh of Denmark presently chairs the Council.

The Members of the Council who will meet from 26 to 28 March will debate providing financial support to 42 media projects from all over the world. During the session, the IPDC-UNESCO Prize for Rural Communication will be presented to two Latin American projects, the Huanacache radio network covering the northern part of the Argentinean province of Mendoza and operated by the Maestro Pablo Pizzurno school, and radio Quispillacta, which broadcasts in Quechua in and around Ayacucho (Peru). The Award giving ceremony will take place on March 26.


Since 1980, when it was created, the IPDC has allotted some US$90 million to 1,000 media projects contributing to sustainable development, democracy and good governance by strengthening electronic and print media in developing countries and countries in transition.


In the coming years, highest priority will be given to national, regional and interregional projects which:


<li>Clearly promote freedom of expression and media pluralism; </li>

<li>Concern with development of community media; </li>

<li>Concentrate on human resource development (training, capacity building) ; </li>

<li>Promote international partnership. </li>

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