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International Conference on Media and Information Literacy for Knowledge Societies

Media and Information Literacy (MIL) is becoming a requisite for peoples’ existence in the 21 century. To develop this increasingly important ability, 120 participants - including education ministers, senior policy makers and experts in the field - are meeting in Moscow between 24 and 28 June at the International Conference on MIL for Knowledge Societies.

Between the Internet and more traditional mediums, the public is exposed to an unprecedented volume of information on a daily basis. Yet, success in today’s information and knowledge driven societies demands the ability to parse and effectively use that information. Furthermore, media, the Internet and other information providers are central to development, good governance and democratic processes.

To that end, media and information literacy empowers citizens with competencies to find evaluate; apply the data they need in ethical and effective ways, understand the role and functions of media indemocratic societies; understand the condition under which media can fulfil their functions; critically evaluate media content;  engage with media for self-expression and democratic participation; and review skills (including ICTs skills) needed to produce user-generated content.

On the one hand, media and informational literacy encourages a familiarity with many mediums: audio, print and video. However, MIL also requires the appropriation of skills such as use of ICTs and cross-cultural understanding, skills imperative to transform information into knowledge.

Organized by UNESCO and the Information for All Programme (IFAP), the International Conference on MIL for Knowledge Societies will initiate a broad dialogue on the significance and topicality of MIL in school curricula. Particularly among young citizens and marginalized social groups, MIL will be critical to success and adaptability. Panel debates will be held at the Moscow conference to promote awareness of MIL, but furthermore to explore how best to integrate MIL into classrooms everywhere.

Media and information literacy is directly linked to UNESCO’s mandate to build inclusive knowledge societies including promoting free, independent and pluralistic media. Moreover, MIL will prove essential in reaching the Education for All (EFA) objectives, set by the international community (Dakar, 2000) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The conference is being held at the Atlas Parl Hotel,

92 Sudakovo village, Domodedovo district, Moscow Region, Russia

More information and programme


Media contact: Sue Williams

Tel + 33 (0) 1 45 68 17 06; s.williams@unesco.org

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