25.06.2012 - UNESCO

International Conference on Media and Information Literacy in Knowledge Societies


UNESCO, the Russian Committee of the UNESCO Information for All Programme (IFAP), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and other co-partners organize the international Conference on Media and Information Literacy 2012 from 24 to 28 June 2012 in Moscow, Russian Federation.

The organizers of the Conference aim at:

  • raising awareness of the significance of the media and information literacy (MIL) among information, media, educational professionals, policy and decision makers and public at large;
  • outlining policies and professional strategies for the promotion of MIL and identifying existing challenges;
  • contributing to improving global, regional and national response to MIL issues such as assessment of MIL competencies;
  • identifying and promoting best practices and strengthening international cooperation among various stakeholders;
  • releasing the 2012 Moscow MIL Declaration and setting up strategic directions.

The notion of literacy is changing as individuals, communities and nations are undergoing a technological revolution, witnessing important demographic, economic and socio-political changes occurring in the world. This creates the challenge for helping individuals, communities and nations from diverse social and economic backgrounds to succeed and participate in an even more complex world.

UNESCO recognizes that today’s society in general needs to apply a new notion of literacy, plural, dynamic and situational, which relates not only to basic writing and numeracy skills, but also the competencies to identify, understand, create, communicate and compute information and other contents through any media or platform. It is also equally important to critically interpret media messages and produce own content sharing it through diverse communication and information tools and channels. It means that individuals, communities and nations require for new competencies based on new notion of literacy.

MIL is one of the prerequisites for building inclusive, open, participatory, pluralistic and democratic knowledge societies. UNESCO believes that MIL is one of the concepts that reflects, addresses and provides concrete solutions needed to deal with current changes, emerging issues and challenges that individuals, communities and nations face nowadays.

The Conference is organized in the framework of the Russian Chairmanship in the UNESCO Information for All Programme.

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