13.11.2009 -

International Seminar on good practices in community media concluded in Paris this week

The International Community Media Seminar was held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, on 11 November 2009, under the theme "Voice and Empowerment through Community Media: Learning from Good Practices, Strategies for Development". It was jointly organized by UNESCO and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC).

The Seminar brought together 26 community media experts, development partners and stakeholders from all over the world. Participants discussed case examples of good practices in policy, law and regulation; in sustainability and growth; and in social impact. They analyzed some of the key characteristics of good practices in community media and assessed the challenges of transferability, adaptability and scalability in order to form joint strategies for community media development.


UNESCO is planning to compile and share some of the good practices in community media to be used as examples for policy and programme decision-makers in guiding and supporting the sector. The goal is to improve the quality and effectiveness of community media by giving practical examples that community media organizations can adapt according to their situation.


At the end of the Seminar, participants issued a statement (available below in PDF) requesting to strengthen the community media sector within the overall media development.

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